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Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate to Secure Apache on RHEL/CentOS 7/6


A registered domain name with valid A records to point back to your server public IP Address.
Apache server installed with SSL module enabled and Virtual Hosting enabled in case you’re hosting multiple domains or subdomains.

Step 1: Install Apache Web Server1. If not already installed, httpd daemon can be installed by issuing the below command: # yum install httpd 2. In order for Let’s encrypt software to work with Apache, assure that the SSL/TLS module is installed by issuing the command below: # yum -y install mod_ssl 3. Finally, start Apache server with the following command: # systemctl start httpd.service [On RHEL/CentOS 7] # service httpd start [On RHEL/CentOS 6] Step 2: Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate4. The simplest method of installing Let’s Encrypt client is by cloning github repository in your filesystem. To install git on your system you must enable Epel repositories with the following command. # yum install epel-release 5. Once E…

Remove redirect virus from your computer is a browser hijacker that come bundled with a free software. During installation, it changes browser’s settings such as a home page and default search engine. In addition, this browser hijacker may change the properties of browsers shortcuts on the desktop and in the Start menu by adding argument So, every time, when you will run your browser, it will open a web site.

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